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Who Do You Want With Access?

Btn Lock Who Do You Want With Access?Convenience versus safety—it can be a difficult call to make when a service seems far more convenient for your busy lifestyle and relatively safe. With valet self-storage becoming popular in cities across the country, examine the pros and cons. Compare them to traditional self-storage and decide what’s best for you and your belongings.


Packing boxes, moving them to a self-storage location, moving them in and out of the storage unit—these are all tiring jobs, and traditional self-storage leaves it up to you. Valet self-storage puts the responsibility of packing your belongings yourself, but the pick-up is taken off your hands. It is much more convenient than hauling your possessions in to a self-storage unit, but there’s a greater possibility of damage to your belongings in transit.

As you don’t have direct access to the storage, however, this can be inconvenient when you need to simply store winter coats and get sports equipment out. Traditional self-storage lets you access your unit whenever you need to without a go-between.


With traditional self-storage, the only ones who have access to your unit are those you permit access and the site manager. Even then, there’s a limited amount of access that a site manager is legally permitted. Valet storage keeps your belongings in a location where access is limited to the staff. You know the site manager who has access to your unit, but you won’t meet every person who is employed in a valet self-storage center.

Valet and traditional self-storage units utilize security systems to maintain the safety of your belongings, but there are often more employees for valet self-storage. This increases the human traffic around your storage unit.

With greater convenience—you access your unit whenever you need for however long you wish—and higher safety, traditional self-storage is better for anyone who wants to know their belongings are safe, secure and accessible to them whenever they need.