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What Do I Need Climate Controlled Units to Store Safely?

IMG 3440 300x200 What Do I Need Climate Controlled Units to Store Safely?Did you know that heat builds up inside of normal storage units? Even if they’re not exposed to direct sunlight, they’re still at the mercy of normal weather. This can mean increased humidity, dust, heat and cold. Not all of your household belongings need climate controlled storage, but there are items that will.


Electronics can take a lot of usage and a surprising amount of moisture, dust and heat. But they’re designed to function within specific parameters and the conditions inside a normal storage unit could damage whatever computers or electronics you store.

Leather Furniture

If you’re storing furniture until you can move into a new house, it’s advisable to get a climate-controlled unit if you have leather furniture. Leather couches and chairs are

susceptible to moisture; discoloration and even mildew can damage them.


Any artwork can be compromised by high temperatures, dust and humidity. Paint can actually separate into individual ingredients, ruining the picture, and canvas can dry out and crack. Even crayon drawings can melt in high temperatures.

Musical Instruments

Wood can expand or contract in response to the weather. Humidity can warp wood and cause strings to snap. Even carefully wrapped musical instruments can become damaged and no longer be useful. As expensive as musical instruments can be, it’s a sound investment to choose a climate-controlled unit for storing them.

Belongings that have been a monetary investment need to be protected, and even if they’re safe from theft and damage, they may be vulnerable to temperature and humidity. Make sure you choose the right storage unit for your belongings!