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Why You Should Rethink Trash Bags for Storage

GettyImages 185082522 2 200x300 Why You Should Rethink Trash Bags for Storage

Trash bags are versatile and cheap, but they’re not a great choice for protection or convenience when putting your items into storage.

What’s That Smell?

One major problems with trash bags is the fact that they are not waterproof or water resistant. That means moisture can seep in. A closed trash bag becomes like a terrarium, encouraging the growth of mold and mildew…and have you ever tried to get mold or mildew out of fabric or wood? It’s nearly impossible.

Where Did I Put That?!

It may seem like trash bags, which can be molded and stuffed into small spaces, would make for excellent packing, right? Wrong. Plastic bags also shift and slide, making it difficult to stack or organize your belongings.

The best way to store items is in a sturdy cardboard or plastic box. Boxes are stackable, so you can use more vertical space in your storage unit. Boxes also make it easier to label and open and re-seal your belongings. So, when you are looking for that “whatchamacallit” you packed, you know exactly where to look for it.

What Was that Crunch?

Carrying trash bags might be easier, but their flexibility comes at the cost of protection. Your items can shift inside the bags, making breakage much more likely. And, if you are ever moving or rearranging items on a hot day, plastic bags get even more slippery and stretchy, increasing the potential for damage even more.

When storing your belongings, it’s just better to be safe than sorry. Investing in boxes can save on other investments in the long run. So, trash the bags and box it up.