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Tips for Storage Pest Control

GettyImages 96885970 300x201 Tips for Storage Pest Control

Nobody likes pesky bugs and critters in their home, and the same applies to your storage unit. You can minimize the chances of hosting these unwelcome (and potentially destructive) pests by following these tips.

#1: Proactive Packing

The best way to avoid pests in your storage unit is to make sure they were never invited. That means:

  • Check that none of your belongings are already home to bugs and/or rodents. In the event you find any critters, exterminate them before placing your items in storage.
  • Do not store food in your storage unit. (This may potentially violate rental agreement terms.)
  • Pack your belongings in critter-proof packaging. For most items, that means plastic bins with tight-fitting lids rather than nibble-able cardboard.

#2: Proper Coverage

Items that cannot be stowed in plastic bins, especially upholstered furniture, should be covered to prevent damage. Plastic covering is preferable over fabric, which allows more dust to infiltrate to the furniture underneath.

#3: Pest Repellent

Prevention goes a long way, but equip your storage unit for the event of sneaky pest infiltration. Fly tape, mouse traps and/or chemical repellent applied around the entrances are best.

Holiday Self-Storage routinely treats our facilities for pest control purposes. If you find that you’ve unintentionally invited bugs and/or rodents to make a home in your unit, please contact us. We will help you find extermination solutions and prevent further pest issues.