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Security Means Safety

Urban legends spread like wildfire, and one reason they do that is because they seem so plausible. We hear stories about meth labs being run out of self-storage units, people living in them, homicide evidence being concealed… It’s a terrifying thought, isn’t it?

That’s why Holiday Self Storage has made security the most important feature of our location.

It Does Make a Difference!

While they’re just urban legends, they originate off of reported news. Crime happens, and we know that for certain. But where does it happen? In a well-lit, video-monitored building? No, it usually happens where criminals feel they can

get away with their actions.

That’s not Holiday Self Storage.

By creating a secure environment with on-site management, 24/7 video monitoring, locked fencing and daily checks, we’ve removed the opportunity for crime to occur. All of our locks are checked daily and the facility is fully fenced and lit. Anyone who comes onto the property is seen by the cameras and recorded for easy identification in case there is an incident.

Rest Easy, Your Belongings are Safe!

Peace of mind is as important as the safety of your possessions, and that’s what we offer with our daily emphasis on security. From the locked gates and personal entry codes to the security cameras and on-site management team, Holiday Self Storage is the safe environment for your belongings.

Crime breeds where opportunity is given, and we never give that opportunity a chance! Our focus on security is our dedication to safety—yours, ours and that of the possessions in our care—and we go the extra mile every day to ensure that it stays that way.