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3 Reasons to Consider Seasonal Storage Solutions at Holiday Storage

GettyImages 182826895 200x300 3 Reasons to Consider Seasonal Storage Solutions at Holiday Storage

Autumn and winter bring more than chilly temperatures. They bring holidays. And for many people, holidays mean long trips or between-semester living arrangements. You can rest assured that your possessions are safe and sound with Holiday Self Storage.

Reason #1: Safety

Budget-conscious people may think that storage is an unnecessary expense, but at Holiday Storage, we know better. Long stays away from home introduce a number of risks to your property:

  • Theft and/or vandalism
  • Damage from burst water pipes or leaking roof

Investing the time and money to place your possessions in a secure, climate-controlled storage unit can spare you the expense of replacing your stuff once you arrive home.

Reason # 2: Space

Perhaps you are not traveling this fall and winter holiday season but are hosting out-of-town guests and relatives. Storage may free up some much needed space to increase the comfort of everyone in your home.

Reason # 3: Transition

Fall and winter are college break seasons, and many students transition from student housing to off-campus living arrangements at the start of a new semester. Unfortunately, colleges will not allow you to use your current dorm as a “free” storage space. Holiday Self Storage provides the affordable space you need so that your items can stay near their next residence until move-in day.

Holiday Self Storage provides the storage solutions you need. We offer a variety of sizes and rental terms. We strive to make storage affordable so that you get the space and peace of mind you need. Plus, our professionals can offer assistance when it comes to actually packing and arranging items in your unit to offer the most protection and efficient use of space. Contact us to learn more about your holiday storage solutions.