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Save Money with Provided Services

IMG 2202 150x150 Save Money with Provided ServicesIt’s true that moving a few items from one home to another isn’t that expensive. However, you have a small car. Now you have to look into renting a moving truck? Ensuring that you bought the right quality of padlock to keep your self-storage unit secure can be the difference between keeping your possessions and having to file a police report.

The easiest way to avoid these extraneous costs is to take advantage of specials offered by the secure self-storage facility you’re choosing. Holiday Self-Storage provides these incentives to make your moving easier!

A Small Cost for Peace of Mind

The right lock can be the reason your possessions stay secure. Holiday Self-Storage provides you with a disc lock to keep your storage unit secure. Disc locks are especially favored because the design of the lock itself makes it difficult to clip open with bolt cutters. This is discouraging to thieves who want the easiest manner of getting into a secured area as possible.

Renting a unit with Holiday Self-Storage includes a free disc lock provided for your unit. If you were to purchase your own equivalent lock, the cost depends on the quality and brand of lock. It can start as low as $10 and end as high as $48 for a single lock.

The Cost of Moving Itself

Not all of us have a handy pickup truck that can carry everything we need to move. This means either borrowing someone’s vehicle or renting one. If you’re looking to rent a truck, even for a day, the average cost is around $30 and this doesn’t include the gas you may need to put in to complete your move. That also involves picking the truck up and dropping it back off at the facility.

Holiday Self-Storage provides a free move-in truck for you to use. This eliminates the extra cost of renting a vehicle and makes it an easy trip. Pick up the vehicle, go load your belongings and bring it to the facility. You don’t have to worry about taking the truck back to a rental business; you’ve already dropped it off!

Save yourself money and hassle by taking advantage of the benefits that Holiday Self-Storage offers!