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Safe Storage for Holiday Items

ThinkstockPhotos 478200132 300x201 Safe Storage for Holiday ItemsThe holidays bring family, friends and a lot of additional needed space. When you’re preparing to gear up for the changing holiday seasons, you switch decorations, purchase gifts and still have to make room for storing summer clothing while pulling out winter gear. There are only so many closets that you can spare for storage; why not find an option that will keep your belongings safe and out of the way?

Holiday Decorations and Seasonal Wear

Christmas decorations usually involve an artificial tree, a tree stand and boxes of lights, ornaments and other things used to create a festive spirit. If you decorate for Thanksgiving, that’s an additional box or two. And Halloween is fast approaching! That means even more decorations to give your home the right spooky atmosphere.

You can switch out box for box and clutter up the same closet, or you can trust your extra decorations to a secure self-storage unit. These are boxes that’ll only come out once a year, so why deny yourself the closet that could be holding coats, sports equipment or an extra broom? With a self-storage unit as your “holiday storage,” you’ll be able to find what you need quickly and easily. And there’s no risk of crushed boxes and broken ornaments; there’s enough room in a storage unit to let you put everything you need in safely.

A Secure Place to Keep Surprise Gifts

Shopping for holiday gifts can be a year-round occupation. You spot something on sale that a relative would love and buy it. Now where do you keep it until it’s time to give it? You don’t want a gift you’ve picked to be damaged by other things being stuffed on top of it. Storage space is limited, and if you have a large family, there are a lot of gifts to hide.

Self-storage units are a secure space that you can dedicate to keeping gifts for any occasion clean and safe. No damage from excessive handling, no risk of other items crushing the gifts and with Holiday Self Storage’s 24/7 on-site monitoring, you know your items are safe.