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3 Must-Have Products to Safely Store Your Stuff

GettyImages 89137163 300x225 3 Must Have Products to Safely Store Your StuffHoliday Self Storage offers secure, climate-controlled storage units to keep your belongings safe. However, how safe they are from the damage they may sustain in getting to Holiday Self Storage is another matter. To make sure your belongings make it to our facility in one piece and they enjoy the best protection from the elements, we suggest three items.

The Right Box

For securely packing your items, not just any box will do. You need the right box, which means:

  • A box in which your items fit snuggly

Too much room around your items provides space for items to shift, resulting in scratches, chips, dents and other types of damage. Too much room above your items also reduces the box’s weight-bearing capacity, making it more likely to collapse and subjecting your items to crushing.

  • A durable box

You want boxes that keep their shape without a lot of tape, staples or other “fixes” so that when you pick it up or move it, items inside are kept in place.

Even with the right box, you need to stack your boxes in a way that minimizes crushing or falling.


Within your boxes, you likely need to add some padding to avoid damage to your belongings, especially during the move to Holiday Self Storage. Popular padding materials include:

  • Packing peanuts
  • Bubble wraps
  • Packaging foam
  • Packing paper

However, there are a lot of inexpensive (free) options, including old newspapers, towels and blankets.

Cardboard dividers

Not everyone needs cardboard dividers, but their effectiveness in keeping breakables secure should not be underestimated. Cardboard dividers prevent fragile items from touching to minimize scratching, dings and chips, but they also provide reinforcement for the box they are in, making the box less vulnerable to crushing.

Holiday Self Storage has many of the must-have items you need for packing and storage available. To find the right materials, contact us to ask our pros!