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How to Prepare and Protect Your Items in Storage

GettyImages 174679674 300x200 How to Prepare and Protect Your Items in StorageOff-site storage is an ideal solution to free up space in your home without selling, discarding or otherwise losing belongings that may be useful later or that have sentimental value. However, storage is only an ideal solution if your items actually stay clean, safe and intact. The preparations you make can go a long way to ensuring that.

Prepare Your Storage Unit

Even for climate-controlled storage units, like all units at Holiday Self-Storage, you want to ensure that your items are not going to be exposed to seepage or condensation. So, before putting anything in your unit:

  • Cover the floor with a sheet or tarp for moisture wicking or barrier
  • Place any items, including furniture, not contained in waterproof containers on pallets or shelves rather than directly on the floor.

Clean and Treat Your Items

Before you put any item in the storage unit, ensure that it has been cleaned treated to withstand long periods of disuse. For instance:

  • Clean and condition leather furniture
  • Thoroughly clean any appliances, particularly those used for food preparation or storage so that no food residue is left (that invites pests and is just plain gross when you need to use the appliance again)
  • Place clothing inside treated garment bags (the plastic bags used by dry cleaners may suffice)

Use Waterproof Storage Containers

Any items that can go in boxes should, instead, go into waterproof plastic containers. In addition to providing extra protection against water damage, these containers are also easy to stack and keep their shape under pressure.

If the plastic containers you have have already been reused multiple tim

Holiday Self-Storage offers a few great tips for preparing your items for long-term storage. Find out how to ensure the best condition of your belongings and make the most of your storage space.

es, inspect them for cracks (and replace them if you find any) before putting them back into storage.

Inspect the Roof

This is actually a job you can leave to the staff at Holiday Self-Storage. However, please let us know if you see any signs of roof deterioration, such as:

  • Missing or broken shingles
  • Shingles that are buckling, curling, or blistering
  • Cracked caulk or rust spots

We strive to provide the best protection for the items you entrust in our facility, so we welcome feedback that helps us maintain our storage units.

If you need any assistance preparing your items for storage, please contact us. We often have recommendations for superior packing materials and more ideas to make the most of your storage space.