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What Should I Use for Packing Material?

Fotolia 59788917 Subscription Monthly M What Should I Use for Packing Material?

Holiday Self-Storage offers a great place to store your belongings when you are downsizing or relocating but are not quite ready to permanently part ways with your stuff. While we take care of keeping the storage facility secure, it’s your job to make sure individual items are properly stored so that they do not break. So what’s the best packing material?

Packing Material Options

You can find excellent packing materials in your own home or in any hardware store. We suggest:

Most people have extra towels that can be used for packing, saving you a few bucks on specialty products. Towels provide cushion and insolation.

Bubble Wrap
Bubble wrap is available in an assortment of densities and sizes, some brands even offering perforated select-a-size rolls. Bubble wrap is preferable for individual glasses and other fragile items.

Plastic Storage Bins
Unlike many cardboard boxes (especially ones that have been used for numerous moves), plastic storage bins retain their shape better, providing better protection from crushing than boxes. Plastic boxes also make stacking easier so that you can maximize the space in your unit.

Many other items can work for padding and packaging materials. However, we do not encourage the use of any bags, boxes or wrappings that stored food. Food residue and scents can attract unwanted pests to your unit.

For more helpful packing tips or to rent a storage unit for your items, please contact us.