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My Dorm Room Isn’t as Big as I Thought it Was!

Your posters are on the walls. Your mini-fridge is stocked with juice. You’re ready to take on college life…

…except your elbows keep bumping into the walls!

You aren’t the only person to move into their dorm room and suddenly realize that 15x15ft isn’t as big as you thought it would be. The bad news is that you’re stuck there for at least a year, so you’ll need to make the most of your tiny windows and miniscule closets and cracker box floor plan.

A Solution for Your Over-Stuffed Room

The good news is that self-storage exists. Even if you can’t fit all your belongings in your dorm room, a storage unit will keep them safe until you move, graduate or just rearrange your living space. You don’t have to go the semester without having access to your belongings; you can keep them safely stored at Holiday Self Storage until you need them.

Here are some things to consider when looking at a storage facility:

  • Price
    How much can you afford to spend? Holiday Self Storage offers affordable rates andmove-in specials to keep your costs low.
  • Size
    Storage units come in different sizes depending on your needs. Small ones will do for things like boxes and bags, but if you need to lock away an entire bedroom furniture set, you’ll need to upgrade. Let us know what you’re looking to store and we can help you find the right unit for your budget and space needs.
  • Protection
    Make sure your belongings will be protected once you leave the premises. Holiday Self Storage is protected with 24/7 surveillance and an on-site management team to ensure the protection of your belongings.

As a college student, you don’t have to let a small dorm room or apartment dictate how many of your belongings you get to keep. Take advantage of convenient and affordable self storage and keep your dorm room clean without sacrificing your belongings.