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Make the Most of Your Space

With the holiday season in full swing, you may be switching out Christmas decorations for summer sports equipment, getting out your skis or rearranging as a student leaves home to head to college. Make it easy on yourself and get the most useful space out of your self-storage unit with a few tips!

Label Everything

If you’ve packed up your fall decorations, summer pool equipment and a few summer outfits, you want to know what’s in which box when warm weather arrives. Label every box clearly so you won’t have to open four or five boxes in the unit before finding what you’re looking for.

Leave Walking Room

One mistake that many people make is trying to pack as much as possible into the back. Leave yourself a walkway by stacking boxes on either side of the unit. You want to be able to reach everything you’ve stored.

Keep Lids on Everything

Avoid collecting dust by filling boxes to capacity—use packing peanuts or crumpled newspaper if you’re trying to avoid heavily weighing a box—and keeping them taped shut or having a lid on them. This will also protect your belongings from shifting around.

Pack Tallest to Shortest

If you have mattresses, dressers or lamps, pack them against the storage unit’s wall. That’ll prevent them from tipping forward and crushing boxes that may contain fragile items. It’ll also let you see the interior entirely without having to move anything for a better view of where that one box is.

Keep an Inventory

Make a list of the boxes and items you’re storing and tape it to the inside of your storage unit. As you switch around boxes—removing decorations and storing summer clothes, for instance—you can mark off what is and isn’t present. That’ll make it easier for you to decide what’s needed in your home and what should stay.