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Get the Most Out of Your Self-Storage Unit

admin ajax 300x200 Get the Most Out of Your Self Storage Unit

A self-storage unit is an investment in convenience for you. Knowing your belongings are safe, secure and out of your way is worth the monthly payments. But if you’re going to invest money into a self-storage unit, you want to get the most out of it. Here are a few tips that will help you fit as much as safely possible and keep your belongings organized and accessible!

Label Everything

Boxes work wonders to keep small items together and protected. Old books that you need out of the way, knick-knacks, extra household items—all of these go perfectly in boxes, but you need to know what box holds what. Make sure to label your boxes–“kitchen” “books” “save for later”–and you’ll have an easier time getting what you need.

Keep Needed Items Close

If you’re storing seasonal equipment for sports or summer patio furniture, you know you’re going to be coming back for it at a particular time. Keep those items to the front of your storage unit for easy access. It’ll save you time when you need to retrieve them and it’ll prevent any accidents that might damage your other items while you’re rooting around trying to get that last lawn chair.

Multi-Level Storage

Pallets are always a good idea to keep antiques and boxes off of the ground. It helps in case of accidents–a neighboring unit may have a spill of some sort–and lets you lift items without needing to bend all the way to the ground. But if you have bookshelves you’re storing, use them to hold light, small items. Bring in sturdy plywood that you can use to create stable shelving. If you’re careful with your placement, you can double the amount your unit holds with the right placement.

Keep a List

Rather than try to remember what you put where, keep a list on the inside of your unit. A clipboard can keep a list just inside your storage unit that will let you check off what you’ve taken out and what you’ve put back in. Knowing what you have where will make it much easier for you to get the most out of your storage unit!