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Top 4 Materials for Easy (and Cheap) Waterproofing

GettyImages 648529690 2 300x200 Top 4 Materials for Easy (and Cheap) Waterproofing

Putting your items into climate-controlled storage will keep them safe from the elements…most of the time. However, there is always the slim chance of flood damage—usually due to burst pipes or fire sprinklers rather than actual floods (at least in Las Cruces). You can waterproof your items using inexpensive materials for an extra layer of protection. Here’s what the storage experts at Holiday Self-Storage recommend:

Garbage bags

We do not recommend using garbage bags as primary storage containers—boxes or plastic bins are more durable and easier to stack. However, garbage bags make one of the most inexpensive methods of creating waterproof packaging. There are two ways to use garbage bags for waterproofing:

  1. Line the bag or box you intend using with a garbage bag.
  2. Wrap the items you want to waterproof in the garbage bag the same way you would wrap items using bubble paper or newspaper before popping them inside a box.

Because garbage bags do not have a waterproof seal, we do not recommend wrapping them outside a box or bin. Water can still seep in that way.

Resealable freezer bags

Items such as books, notebooks and electronic devices can easily fit inside quart- or gallon-size freezer bags for individual waterproofing. One word of caution: avoid bags with sliding closures as they don’t provide a complete seal at the corners allowing water to seep inside.

Waterproof fabrics

Many fabrics used for outdoor clothing and gear are coated with a type of vinyl, such as polyvinylchloride (PVC), or polyurethane (PU), making them waterproof. While these fabrics may seemingly absorb water, water never passes from the outer to inner layer because of the vinyl coating. If you choose to use waterproof fabrics, pick the type that will easily fit around your belongings. Fabrics with polyurethane coatings allow more movement while PVC-coated fabrics are stiffer.

Laminated fabrics (oil cloth)

Laminated fabrics also use polyurethane to achieve a waterproof barrier, which is evident by the slick, shiny appearance.

When waterproofing your items in storage, you may not need to cover all of them. Typically in a flood situation, items on the floor or lower levels of shelves or those closest to sprinklers are the most susceptible to water damage. For more tips, please talk to the knowledgeable staff at Holiday Self-Storage.