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Why Are Disc Locks Best for Storage Units?

Btn Lock Why Are Disc Locks Best for Storage Units?Choosing a secure and well-maintained self-storage facility is the first step to take in making sure your belongings will be safe in storage. Still, no matter how secure the facility, burglary is still a threat. Just as you rely on an alarm system and locks to protect your home from theft, you should take steps to protect your belongings in a storage unit with a high-quality door lock.

Not all self-storage locks are equal in their ability to prevent theft. For example, keyless locks, while convenient, may be cut with bolt cutters. Padlocks that use a key offer very little protection because they can be re-keyed relatively easily without removing the lock from the door or they can be picked by an experienced burglar. The industry standard to keep your storage unit secure is the disc lock, a unique type of lock that was designed specifically for use with self-storage units.

What is a Disc Lock?
Disc locks are heavy-duty locks shaped like a disc that are designed to combat the most common ways of forcing a lock open. This type of lock has a unique design with a tiny opening in the shackle that prevents most forms of tampering. A disc lock cannot be removed with bolt cutters as the hasp, or the U-shaped portion of a padlock, cannot be reached from the outside. A disc lock is also safe from shattering unlike keyless locks and combination padlocks. Disc locks even resist skilled lock pickers.

The only way to remove a disc lock is to grind it off. Not only does this take time, grinding off a lock produce’s a great deal of noise. As you can imagine, thieves intent on breaking into a storage unit are unlikely to attempt this without being caught.

Don’t underestimate the risk of burglary when you rent a storage unit. No matter what steps the storage facility takes, there will always be people up to no good. Many burglars who target storage units are customers at the facility which means a gated entry alone is not enough. Disc locks are the most secure choice for protecting your belongings and deterring thieves.

At Holiday Storage, we take security seriously. That’s why we provide a free stainless steel disc lock with every new storage locker rental so you can rest easy that your belongings are in good hands.