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The Benefits of Climate-Controlled Self-Storage Units

GettyImages 476202346 300x300 The Benefits of Climate Controlled Self Storage Units

An unnecessary expense or something that provides you with more than just a comfortable temperature when you open your self-storage unit? Climate-controlled storage units offer more than just the comfort of not freezing or broiling when you need to exchange belongings from storage to use and back.

Your Belongings Don’t Warp

Extreme temperatures can damage any object, from your grandfather’s antique typewriter to the photo albums that were salvaged from a house fire. Fabrics weaken, wood dries out, glass can crack and something like wax fruit or boxes of scented candles shouldn’t even be stored in a non-climate-controlled storage unit. Humidity can be just as damaging, and without climate control, damp air can warp wood and ruin paper.

Climate control keeps the temperature steady so a sudden heat wave won’t damage the art projects from the previous school year that you’ve stored. You don’t have to worry about the unit door freezing shut when you need to get to your Christmas decorations, and everything will be just as you left it when you last locked up.

Storage Units Stay Cleaner

Dust is always a problem in storage units. When you leave your possessions in a single place and don’t move them, dust builds up. It can make it difficult for people to utilize their storage unit, especially if they suffer from any form of allergies. Climate controlled storage units collect less dust as the air is constantly circulated to keep the temperature even.

Greater Security

Climate-controlled storage units have doors that face interior hallways, not outdoor areas. This provides a greater measure of security for your belongings, and not only from would-be intruders. Rodents and insects are less likely to invade storage units when they’re climate-controlled indoor units.

The safety and preservation of your belongings, your comfort when visiting your unit and avoiding any allergic reactions due to dust or rodent droppings are only some of the benefits of climate-controlled storage units. Holiday Self-Storage can tell you more! Feel free to contact us for more information!