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4 Ideas for Keeping Your Storage Clean and Organized

GettyImages 157676175 300x200 4 Ideas for Keeping Your Storage Clean and OrganizedWhen you’re spring cleaning, do not neglect your storage unit. Cleaning and organizing a storage unit makes it more accessible and appealing. While cleaning and organizing a storage unit may seem an uphill battle (especially if you haven’t emptied the storage unit for quite a long time), you can make it a more manageable feat with these tips:

Take basic inventory

Use a pen and paper to write things you are able to see, including the number of boxes you have and their contents. If you labeled your boxes before stowing them, taking inventory is much easier. However, if you didn’t, now’s the time to dig in. You need this information to determine the value of your possessions in storage and to determine if there are items you may need to get out soon or can let go of permanently to free up space for new stuff (because upgrading to a bigger storage unit is expensive and a hassle).

Identify items you will need soon

Spare yourself an extra trip by removing the items you know you will need soon. Items that are commonly rotated in/out of storage include:

  • Holiday decorations
  • Office documents (Tax Day is right around the corner!)
  • Kids toys and games
  • Trip supplies

Pack and label the boxes you use to remove items. With labeled boxes, you make it easier to inventory and find these regular-use items faster next time you need them.

Get rid of items that have been/are not/will not be useful anymore

You likely do not need everything you put into storage once upon a time. Rather than letting useless items fill up your storage space, get rid of them. The Four Box Method may help. Here’s how it works:

Label and sort your items into one of the following boxes—

  1. Donate/Sell—this is for items you no longer need but may have useful life left in them for someone else.
  2. Store—these are items that you may need but not at your home, so they remain in your storage unit.
  3. Discard—these are items that are no longer needed and cannot or should not get into anyone else’s hands. These items may go in the trash or be shredded or recycled.
  4. Keep—these are items that you have decided are more useful in your home or office space.

Sorting your items requires some tough decisions. You may opt to have fifth Undecided box for items you’re not sure what you want to do with. Revisit these items in about an hour and make a determination about whether they stay or go.

Organize the layout

Now that you know what’s in your Holiday Self Storage unit, you can rearrange items to allow more convenient access—regularly rotated stuff in the front, rarely needed stuff in the back. We also recommend shelving or stacking boxes carefully to avoid damage and maximize use of vertical space.

If you find that doing this by yourself is difficult, you can call some friends to help you or simply hire professionals to clean out the storage.