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Reclaim Your Garage

GettyImages 157676175 300x200 Reclaim Your Garage

The great outdoors offers a lot of adventure possibilities: hiking, biking, camping, rafting, golfing, skiing and snowboarding. But every adventure requires its own set of equipment. To protect your gear from theft and the elements, you need to keep it out of the weather and out of sight. The most common storage option is your garage. But if you have all this stuff, how do you fit in your car? After all, your garage is the best place for your car to keep it protected from the elements and potential thieves, too. Continue reading

Property Insurance and Storage Units

GettyImages 496847668 300x200 Property Insurance and Storage Units


According to the Self-Storage Association, an estimated 10.8 million people keep their property in a self-storage unit, either temporarily or long-term. If you choose your self-storage location carefully, your possessions should be secure—i.e., safeguarded against intruders, thieves and damaging elements like heat and moisture. But even when your belongings are at a secure facility like Holiday Self-Storage, you should consider additional protection through a homeowner’s or renter’s insurance policy Continue reading

Remember Your Storage Unit When Spring Cleaning!

GettyImages 174679674 300x200 Remember Your Storage Unit When Spring Cleaning!

Warm temperatures and mild breezes make the perfect conditions for spring cleaning. While most everyone remembers to get the cobwebs out of the corners and wipe dust from the highest shelves, storage units often go out-of-sight-out-of-mind. At Holiday Self Storage, we invite you to spring clean-out your storage unit because of the benefits to you!

The Benefits of Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning is a “tradition” that most people begrudgingly undertake, but seasonal deep cleaning comes with loads of benefits, such as: Continue reading

Tips for Storage Pest Control

GettyImages 96885970 300x201 Tips for Storage Pest Control

Nobody likes pesky bugs and critters in their home, and the same applies to your storage unit. You can minimize the chances of hosting these unwelcome (and potentially destructive) pests by following these tips.

#1: Proactive Packing

The best way to avoid pests in your storage unit is to make sure they were never invited. That means: Continue reading

How a Resident Manager Benefits You

GettyImages 480182468 300x200 How a Resident Manager Benefits You

When you are looking for rental storage space, do you know what to look for? Price is, of course, a major consideration, but so is safety. Did you know that having resident manager can help ensure a low cost and tight security? At Holiday Self-Storage, we have a resident manager, and that comes with a load of benefits for our renters.

Benefits of Resident Managers

At Holiday Self-Storage, a manager is always on-site, and that gives you peace of mind because: Continue reading

What Should I Use for Packing Material?

Fotolia 59788917 Subscription Monthly M What Should I Use for Packing Material?

Holiday Self-Storage offers a great place to store your belongings when you are downsizing or relocating but are not quite ready to permanently part ways with your stuff. While we take care of keeping the storage facility secure, it’s your job to make sure individual items are properly stored so that they do not break. So what’s the best packing material?

Packing Material Options

You can find excellent packing materials in your own home or in any hardware store. We suggest: Continue reading

What Happens to Abandoned Storage Units?

GettyImages 157676175 300x200 What Happens to Abandoned Storage Units?There are many reasons why people rent storage units. For instance, when relocating, especially locally or temporarily, it can be tedious to move all your property when you know you’re just going to need to move it back. It is much easier to rent a place where you can store your property until you return.

Oddly enough, some people don’t return. Here’s what happens with stuff that’s left unattended too long: Continue reading

3 Must-Have Products to Safely Store Your Stuff

GettyImages 89137163 300x225 3 Must Have Products to Safely Store Your StuffHoliday Self Storage offers secure, climate-controlled storage units to keep your belongings safe. However, how safe they are from the damage they may sustain in getting to Holiday Self Storage is another matter. To make sure your belongings make it to our facility in one piece and they enjoy the best protection from the elements, we suggest three items. Continue reading

3 Reasons to Consider Seasonal Storage Solutions at Holiday Storage

GettyImages 182826895 200x300 3 Reasons to Consider Seasonal Storage Solutions at Holiday Storage

Autumn and winter bring more than chilly temperatures. They bring holidays. And for many people, holidays mean long trips or between-semester living arrangements. You can rest assured that your possessions are safe and sound with Holiday Self Storage.

Reason #1: Safety

Budget-conscious people may think that storage is an unnecessary expense, but at Holiday Storage, we know better. Continue reading