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Beware of Dust – Protecting Your Valuables in Storage

New Mexico’s wind is practically legendary, especially in the spring and early summer when gusts can get downright ferocious. With all the dust in the air, it’s important to give a little thought to the items in your self-storage unit. Otherwise, you could have the unpleasant surprise of unpacking a box full of sand!

Dust Can Get Everywhere

At Holiday Self Storage, we take care to protect your belongings from the elements, but even a sealed-up storage unit door can have some gaps. And, of course, there’s those days that you need to access the items inside without letting in any unwanted dust, dirt and debris.

Most of the time, dust and dirt are just a nuisance – but some items can be seriously damaged if you don’t take care to protect them. Electronics can get clogged by dust, causing them to break, and getting the dust out of upholstered furniture can be a challenge.

Tips for Protecting Your Belongings

Here are a few tips for keeping your items safe:

  • Whenever possible, avoid moving in or out of your storage unit on especially windy days.
  • Use air-proof storage containers with snap-lock lids for valuable items, especially electronics and clothing.
  • Store your more valuable items further back in the unit, where they’ll be protected from the door.
  • Invest in some durable dust covers for large items like furniture and appliances.

Dust covers are the most useful tool in your arsenal when it comes to protecting your belongings in storage. You can use tarps, but specially made dust covers will be more effective and less unwieldy to manage.

If you need help finding or choosing the right dust cover, come ask us at Holiday Self Storage! We’ll be happy to tell you about some of our favorite brands and give you more tips on protecting your items in storage.